Graduate Studies


The Caltech BBE graduate program is designed for students with diverse academic and research backgrounds and interests. During the first year students gain a strong foundation in key principles of modern biology and contemporary research through lab rotations and coursework that includes: Responsible Conduct of Research (Bi 252), Reading, Writing, Reviewing, Experimental Design and Reproducibility (Bi 253), and three terms of the Bi 250 topics series that covers the breadth of fields represented in biology at Caltech. In lieu of a third term of Bi 250, a student may opt to take one additional 200 series or upper division 100 series course offered in BBE. During each year that they are matriculated in the Ph.D. program, students are required to take Bi 251 abc (Biolunch). Students will be required to present their thesis research in Biolunch during their second and fourth years of study. Beginning in the second year, students focus primarily on cutting edge research. Students may also choose to take courses in a track. Current tracks include:

Cellular Biology
Developmental Biology
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Systems Biology

The goal of tracks is to provide specialized instruction in a particular area of biology and/or engineering relevant to the student's research interests.